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Can We Buy China-made Medical Device?

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 veritable manufacturing country. China-made products are getting stronger and stronger both in the technological content and product quality. Moreover, in some fields, China-made products even reach the international top level. However, the impression of international market on China-made products is low price, large sales, low quality and poor service, which is a common prejudice. And in the way of Chinese brands going to the international market, China-made products often have to bear this prejudice. Consequently, in the medical device industry, the following doubt will arise. 


Can We Buy China-made Medical Device?”


This is the real voice we hear when we expand overseas markets. Although this kind of voice is not common, it will make us go down without fighting and lose the opportunity for competition, which is the existing status that Chinese medical device enterprises should change.


However, it is difficult to change a prejudice. When people come to a conclusion in their brain, they are more willing to believe that the conclusion is consistent with their own ideas. On the contrary, for those things that do not meet their own ideas, they will produce conflicts in the subconscious. Therefore, it is better to resolve rather than arguing. Our resolving idea is straightforward as follows: I will show you that you are worried about, then the person you trust will dispel your misgivings in an environment you are familiar with.


This method sounds simpler than doing. However, it works especially well. No matter which continent you are in, and whether you are a distributor or a user, if you are worried about the quality of China-made medical device, I will show you the real machine on your native country, and I will take you to the hospital using it to visit its operation site. Then, you can listen to the person you trust in the environment you are familiar with.


The biggest marketing cost is the cost for first marketing. Only the trust is established, can the price advantage, product quality, technical content, and service level of products create values. This method is not profound, but it gains benefits through the gradual accumulation, since points can radiate the surface, which can be connected into a net. Once established, the ShowSite network will be our competitive barrier, and our brand influence.


ORICH in Saudi Arabia


ORICH in Armenia

ORICH in Congo

ORICH in Philippines


ORICH medicalvehiclein Philippines


ORICH in Paraguay


ORICH in Russia

ORICH in Georgia


Our ShowSite network covers all continents, what I’ve shown is only a small part. However, the quantity is not our only advantage, and the simple quantity accumulation is unprofessional. Each of our model hospitals has its own specific demonstration spot:

If you do not understand our product level,

I will take you to the local top hospital to visit our device;

If you are worried about the quality of our products,

I will take you to the hospital where our device enjoys 0 repair for seven years;

If you pay special attention to the dose,

If your space is very limited,

If your power condition is not stable,


I understand all your concerns, I own perfect solution and I'll show you our ShowSite.

Next, we will soon establish two new model hospitals in Philippines where we will provide our customers with the DR products with smallest pixel-size, highest resolution in the world. The 100μm pixel size will provide the accurate image for doctors.


believe our brand, and letting more people believe in “Made in China”.

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