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How Long Is Seven Years?

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Seven years, equal to 2,555 days, 61,320 hours, 3,679,200 minutes, and 220,752,000 seconds...

Seven years, represent the growing up, maturity or oldness of a person.

Seven years, a long time for life. There are few seven years in several decades.

For a medical device, seven years is almost equal to its lifetime.


          Timeline: A.D. 2011

          Location: ORICH Medical Device, Tianjin, China

          Figure: Salesmanagerof Foreign TradeDepartment



DF-211H high-frequencyphotographic systemof ORICH Medical Device


She is a young sales manager faced with the new company, new product and new market.

She is looking forward to an exciting future and the first order.

Soon, the good news arrives as expected.

Tbilisi, Georgia, known as the “Garden of the Gods”, is a beautiful city.

The New Vision University Hospital there signs an order for two X-ray machines with her.

Her heart is full of joy, and this is the first step in her career.


When the equipment is shipped away, she is concerned about them, and she does not know when and where she can meet them again. She hopes everything is all right with them in the foreign country.


Seven years, time fliestimeflies...

                  Timeline: A.D. October, 2017

                  Location: New Vision University Hospital, Tbilisi, Georgia

                  Figure: Salessupervisor of ForeignTradeDepartment


For seven years, the sales manager has grown into a department head, and signed orders with units across all continents. However, she has never forgotten the first order of New Vision University Hospital in Georgia.

She conducts a return visit to the land, full of expectations.

In seven years, the feedback from each customer's visit is that the device is in good condition. However, how is everything going with them in the foreign country?

It never occurred to her that the reunion is so surprise!

DF-211H, which has been used for seven years

DF-110A, which has been used for seven years


The machine is good, no any problems all the time, our technician and I like very much , ORICH will be our first choice if any project in the future.


Dr. Konstantine said:


The machine is very good, without any problems all the time, so our technician and I all like it very much. ORICH will be our first choice if we have any project in the future.


At that moment, everyone in the room was so proud.


For seven years, it is almost half the life for an X-ray machine.

However, there is zero failure, zero repair and zero complaint for X-ray machine, which even remains intact painting.

We are grateful to the technicians and radiologists of New Vision University Hospital for their care to ORICH device.

And we are more proud of China and ORICH.


The realization of each dream comes from the persistent pursuit of perfect quality.


This is the creed of ORICH people!

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